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.:. digital art

There are a lot of programs available for creating digital art.

.:. PSP pro X3

PaintShop Pro is a great program for creating digital art or for PSPproX3working with photos (corrections, manipulations, etc). For some time now I've been learning how to use the program. Below are links to some of the results of doing tutorials, participating in forum challenges, workshops and manipulating digital photos I've taken. Some images are tongue-in-cheek, others symbolic, and others are just what they are. Enjoy! click on picture to go to Corel's webpage

.:. dynamic auto painter

Dynamic DAPAuto Painter (DAP is a great program for turning digital photos into works of art. Check out the DAP forum to see some of the creative art that users have made. Click on the image to go to the DAP website.



.:. virtual painter

Virtual VP5Painter is a fun plugin for PhotoShop, PSP, etc. It turns pretty ordinary photos into works of art. 


.:. adobe photoshop elements

Adobe PhotoShop Elements is the poor man's PhotoShop. AdobeElements



.:. corel painter 11 and/or essentials 4

Painter11Corel Painter 11 and it's poor man's cousin Painter Essentials 4 can turn photos into a piece of art. With program you can also paint from scratch.



.:. fotosketcher

Fotosketcher is free. Photos can be transformed into sketches. Click on this link for the website.

.:. plugins

There are a lot of great plugins for the photographer who also is insterested in digital art

Ones I use often include: Topaz Labs -- I have a bundle which provides me with a wide range of options for improving or manipulating photos.


Before you do anything else... check out my digital art that's for sale at:


.: photoArt images #1:

Here is some samples of my digital art.


Thai Sala

Opera House



.: photoArt images #2: [click on link]


.: PSPIZ net workshop images:

Soft Focus #1

Soft Focus # 2

Soft Focus #3

Glass Orb

Summer Wreath #1

Summer Wreath #2

.:. PSPIZ net forum challenge images:

My first challenge submission was Challenge 235, (July 2003). With Challenge 277, I am very pleased to say I have finally made it to the Challenge Hall of Fame which requires 26 weeks of participation. My requisite 26 weeks of participation took me nearly a year to accumulate. Below are links to my challenge galleries.

Challenges 235-250   Challenges 256-277


.:. awards


.:. memberships



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