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.:. photos of Thailand

Thailand Celebrates King's 60year on throne

9 June 2006 (evening)


Songkhran Festival, Chiang Mai
April 2006 (2 pages)

Pong Duat Geyser, Pai Rd, Chiang Mai
April 2006 (1 page)

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2006
Flower Show (3 pages)

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2006
Fair (2 pages)

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2006
Parade (5 pages)

Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2006
Float Detail (1page)

Chiang Mai Flood #3 (around noon, 29Sep05)

Chiang Mai Flood #3 (early evening, 29Sep05)

Chiang Mai Flood #2 (20Sep05)

Preparations for Chiang Mai Floods #2 and #3 (Sep05)

Chiang Mai Floods (Aug05)
Fran's photos

Chiang Mai Floods (Aug05)
Paulette's photos

Chiang Mai Floods Cleanup (Aug05)
Fran's photos

Paulette's bubbling water video (1mb)

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Flower Festival (5Feb05)

Flower Festival (6Feb05)

Flower Festival Parade (5Feb05)

Flower Festival Float Closeups (5Feb05)

Rice Growing #1 (2004)

Thailand Work Party (Dec03)


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