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.:. photos of special events

This the place where I post photos various events of interest to me. I hope they will be of interest to you as you get a little glimpse into my life and times.

Mum's 85th Birthday, July 2002

Mum's 91st Birthday, July 2008

Christmas Lunch, 2004


A Friend's 60th Birthday, Nov 2004

Donal & Gaye's 40th Anniversary Party, 19 Sept 2009


Events for my friend Paulette Hopple who died suddenly 18 Dec 08:

Paulette Hopple - Mae Sai Memorial Service

Paulette in Lincang, China

Paulette's Burial at Foreign Cemetery, Chiang Mai (9 Jan 09)

Photos of Paulette's Burial by Tim Eves (9 Jan 09)

Celebration of Paulette's Life, Chiang Mai (10 Jan 09)

Celebration of Paulette's Life, photos by Tim Eves (10 Jan 09)

Download PDF of:
Program from the Chiang Mai Celebration of the Resurrection (10 Jan 09)


Final version of the photo slideshow available below for download (7Jan09).
Right click on the link and select 'save target'
Be aware that the file is an executable and is over 75 MB in size!!
(And it doesn't seem to work on a MAC... sorry about that.)

SlideShow: Celebration of Paulette's Life (1280x1024)

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