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Sharing in Love

What’s it all about?

Why should I care about
     another’s pain?
Why should I share it?
     Hear it?
        Live it?
           Breathe it?

Why should I love?
Why should I share?
And why lay bare
     for others to know
     to trample upon
     to see inside
          to joke and jest
          the fear
          the frailty
          the frustrations
          the angers,
          and griefs?
Why be reminded
     of what is past?

God you comforted me
     you healed me
     you lifted me
     and you made me new.

I’m free
     free of all that’s held me
     free of the guilt
     free of the chains
     free of the lies
          that Satan’s told.

So, why to share it?
     Why to give?
Why to listen
     and why to care?
Surely another’s struggle is his own?
How can I give
     and give
     and give again?

Yet, how can I not?

God wants for me
     to comfort others
          as He’s comforted me.

He says
     it’s in giving
          you shall receive
     in dying you shall live
     when you give up your life
          you shall gain it.

But, it’s not only that …

Jesus in me
     cannot help but love
     and long to see
          people free.

Jesus in me
and I in Jesus
     that’s what scripture says

     He loved me
     He died for me
     He delivered me
how can I hold back?
how can I refrain?
I’ve a message of hope
     that I must give out
     hard though it is
I’ll share
and I’ll love.

But hard it’s not
it can’t be

God says
     he who would love God
          must love his brother also

If I don’t love my brother
     then I don’t love God.

But I do love you God
     I adore you
          with a depth of emotion
          words can’t express
          it has no feelings
          but it is intense.

That same love’s for
     my brother
     my sister
          — good or bad
          happy or sad
I can’t hold back
I won’t hold back.

Copyright 1999 Fran Woods

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