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How can I love you

How can I love you
   so you understand?

  Is it in feelings?
as a fleeting flowing wave
     that warms the heart,
or a savouring of a precious
     pleasant memory
  a giving of gifts or
speaking warm words?

Is it saying what you want
     to hear?
  giving what you want
     to receive?
  bowing to your wants and

Isn’t it rather in seeking
     your good
   no matter the cost to me?

To wound in order for healings
     to come
to stir you to strive
     for all that is good
  to listen
     to care –
whether I’m busy or not
  tired or not
     hurting or not?

To point you to Jesus
     never to me

To let you go
     to him
  who alone
     loves you
       understands you
   as you truly need

I cannot love you
   as you need

Yet I know I love you…

Copyright 1985 Fran Woods

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